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T Okikagu Chibi and Anime
#Okikagu chibi
Okikagu // Gintama // Okita and Kagura's son and Shinpachi // Don't mess with an otaku part 2.
Okita Sougo х Kagura / Сого х Кагура | Gintama | Kagura yato and okita Sougo | Pinterest | Okikagu, Anime and Manga
Okita Sougo х Kagura / Сого х Кагура | Gintama | Gintama | Pinterest | Okikagu, Anime and Manga
Pin by C·T Chow on gin -ta -ma银魂之道 | Pinterest | Gin, Anime and Chibi
Sougo Okita x Kagura [OkiKagu], Gintama
Okita Sougo х Kagura / Сого х Кагура | Gintama | gintama | Pinterest | Anime, Okikagu and Manga
Okita Sougo х Kagura / Сого х Кагура | Gintama Anime Couples, Ship, Kawaii
2 Okikagu Doujinshi, Dá Um Tempo, Chibi, Anime Girls, Anime Couples,
Okita Sougo х Kagura / Сого х Кагура | Gintama Doujinshi, Okikagu, Chibi,
Gin Tama, Hijikata Toushirou, Shimura Tae, Sakata Gintoki, Kagura (Gin Tama), Shimura Shinpachi
のん (@nontama217) | Twitter Norwegian Forest Cat, Okikagu, Anime Love
Pin by Nancy Lawliet on Gintama | Pinterest | Anime, Okikagu and Doujinshi
Photo Okikagu, Ship, Drawings, Anime, Drawing S, Sketches, Anime Shows
Okikagu, Shoujo, Katsura Kotaro, Chibi, Manga, Drawings, Twitter, Anime
【銀魂×Tカード】Tカードはおもちですか?3月15日(火) 店頭発行開始!
Sougo Okita x Kagura [OkiKagu], Gintama
#Gintama #OkiKagu
Gintama, Yorozuya, Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi, Kagura, Sadaharu Okikagu, Anime Chibi
Twitter Okikagu, Chibi, Anime Couples, Manga, Twitter, Photos, Madness,
Kagura Sougo and Sadaharu | Gintama | ♤ #anime ♤ Chibi
#Gintama #OkiKagu Okikagu, I Ship It, Samurai, Chibi, Don'
Okikagu, Anime Love, I Don T Know, Samurai, Chibi
Best Comedy Anime, Okikagu, Hot Anime Guys, Anime Shows, Anime Chibi, Vocaloid, Sorachi Hideaki, Otaku, Keychain Ideas
When your parent are sleeping but you are awake and doesn't have a playmate
Anime: Gintama Personagens: Okita Sougo e Kagura
Sakata Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi & Kagura | Gintama | Credits to the owner of the picture, I don't own the pic.
Gin Tama/#1359551 - Zerochan Okikagu, Chibi Eyes, Best Anime Shows,
Chibi OkiKagu with Dadtoki! 😂😂😂 It's hard to chibi for me. xD
I don't care what anyone says. I loved them together. Okikagu,
chibi, gintama, and kagura image
Silver Soul · download Gintama image
OkiKagu family – 255 photos Anime Soul, Okikagu, Samurai, Fandoms, Chibi,
OKIKAGU!!!!! Hope you like it! :D It's a bit
Draw kamusoyo chibi~
im baacckkk, tho, i dont think people knows me anymore //CRIES/
OkiKagu Chibi
【MMD銀魂/GinTama】 Chibi Sougo Doesn't Like to be Tickled!!! 【Kagura + Okita】 - YouTube
are you like okikagu? <3 ufufuf they are my OTP <3
Well, at least I got this Okikagu scene for me ( He teasing her by going to cut her but Kagura know Sougo so well that she can dodge his attack ...
#Gintama#Okita#Kagura#OkitaxKagura#OkiKagu#Chibi#Kawaii#Katsura#Zura#Anime #Manga#銀魂#沖田#神楽#沖田x神楽#沖神#チビ#桂#ズラ
Almost kissing meme - OkiKagu by number11train
I Love You, baby (Gintama, Okikagu fanfic)
#okikagu | Explore okikagu on DeviantArt
Are you a fan of OkiKagu?? I AM!!! ❤ ❤
ahh, quick drawing of kagura because its her birthday!! c: and omg i cant wait for the gintama episode that comes out later because its the feigned illness ...
Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 4570448, Gintama, Gekijouban Gintama Kanketsuhen: Yorozuya Yo
#gintama #gintamaship #otp #kagura #okita #sougo #love #animelove
what if okita didnt know abou kagura's feign illness based on my fantasy. dont resent
after a year, i still don't know how to properly shade :'
Silver Soul · download Gintama image
SWIPE--> . . Jealous Aniki ☻😂❤ . . Sorry I can
this moment shows off how accly kagura cares about sougo , she was the one who stepped in and comforted him in success. we all know how stuborn our sadist ...
I can't find Hijikata. 😭 . . . #Gintama #Anime #
2. Gintoki because he helped me with the Color of Okita Sougo(future)'s scarf.
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Here's Chibi Okikagu for you ❤ . . And
#anime #silversoul #gintama #銀魂 #okikagu #kagura #okita #sogo #okita_sogo #沖田総悟 #神楽 #沖田神楽
Okigura💜 . #okigura #okita #kagura #sougo #okitaxkagura #kaguraxokita #
My favorite couple!
okigura chibi version~couldn't be bothered with their names in Japanese so I
アニメ #マンガ #chibi #firework #artist
Me when I realised it wasn't with Sougo Okita #gintama #newepisode #newseries #anime #newanimeseries #kagura #sougookita #okitapic.twitter.com/bBXUidfycy
- by otakuyuki - PaigeeWorld
Aren't they cute? xD Visit my: http://mitsukiyuri.
I haven't posted here in a while. xD I was planning on drawing all characters in this theme but gave up. Hahaha.
Welp im lazy. I want to make my lineart neat but I'm too lazy. Haha. My body clock is a complete mess. I cant tell if it's day or night. Hahaha.
( @sougo.okikagu )
Cloverlynx11 8 0 Mother's Day by StudioMomotsuki
i don't even watch this anime and i feel like i'd be
-I want that Kagura shirt T^
coloured version :>
tristefleur 39 5 150717 Gintama Sougo Kagura by GracieQ
I love the version of the characters at school haha
Silver Soul · download Gintama image
壁纸 动漫 银魂 神乐 Gintama Wallpaper, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Comedy Anime
Forgot to submit these little cuties xD
I didn't know whether to
Akely's Okikagu World
Credits to these people as well because of them,I was able to identify the Colors since I can't differentiate between the shade.
Another Gintoki work <3 I love his expression lol The coloring so messy tho rip
PART 2 🌟 Don't forget to check my profile to see the whole
#okitakagura Instagram Story & Photos & Videos
Now to the Okikagu hints.
#art #digitalart #chibi #chibiart #anime #manga #gintama #gintamafanart
I don't know why
Okikagu Pinch Unisex T-Shirt
The Red String of Fate is Just STUPID - OkiKagu by niichie ...