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there's no heterosexual explanation to saint seiya
Important Bronze Saints (The main characters!) Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, Pheonix Ikki
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Bronze Saints ♥
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Saint Seiya Fan
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seems very pretty too well all the girls of Saint Seiya are! 😁
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Cover 2D image (part) for a 3D video fan project featuring Gemini Saga, Saori Athena and Aioros from Saint Seiya. I'll add some details and the full pic in ...
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knight of ice. knight of ice. saint seiya cygnus hyoga ...
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Im in my second saint seiya phase
Okay, I was taking some screenshots from LoS and I noticed something…
She can't help but feel a little flustered when he looks at her like that
Polaris Hilda and Siegfried Dubhe Alpha (from Saint Seiya, Asgard arc).
Bronze Saints in Saint Seiya Pachinko
Saint Seiya Reactions
Gabriel Melo Santos on Twitter: "#Seiya #Shun #Hyoga #Shiryu #Ikki #Saori # Pegasus #Sagitarius #Andromeda #Virgo #Cygnus #Aquarius #Draco #Libra #Phoenix ...
Myu de Papillon
Saint Seiya Omega RPG
Eagle Marin from Saint Seiya.
Saint Seiya Moodboards
Cygnus Knights are Good :^)
Ladies of Saint Seiya Fest 2018
... hades se llevara a saori, shun aun tenia la túnica pero después que llega seiya tiene la armadura y el una que staba era shaka a si que.... que paso.
Midgard Hyoga // artwork by Akinominori (2012)
Seiya and Aiolos - Saint Seiya
saint-seiya-reactions. Frodi trying to sing Hello by Lionel Richie. And failling miserably XD
Omega Cygnus Hyoga
Pin by Gianni Abbate on Saint Seiya | Pinterest | Saint seiya, Anime and Comic
Here are my favorite character from Saint Seiya classic, Omega and Lost Canvas. All of them are so cute that I really can't.
And then this happens:
LoS兄弟でオリジナル by さとる@次は6月予定
だらっちMAX@ジョー☆OKADA on Twitter“聖闘士星矢放送開始記念日という事で過去絵集めてみた。主人公がいない!!!” #saint seiya#dragon shiryu#cygnus ...
Lein's Room
bronzinisfigati: “ Saint Seiya - Bronzini Sfigati : ' Saint Seiya V: Athena Exclamation
time atual de Golds em Saint Seiya Omega: Kiki de Áries, Harbinger de Touro
Before he did, he ripped out one of his own eyes, and teleported it to Ikki. image. (Saint Seiya ...
Don´t miss the opportunity to hear
Nita's SaintSeiya
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Seiya's Return
perladellanotte: “Saint Seiya Aesthetic - Haydee x Mizuki (my Los Ocs) ”
ask-gold-saints-esp: “ ¡Hey! Este es un nuevo
Happy birthday seiyu Daisuke Ono 🎉🎂❤
Saint seiya · 新年のご挨拶&12月サイト絵まとめ+α [14]
Genos kun got a photobomb by Saitama Sensei in the middle of training…
Bronze saints - Seiya Hyoga Shun Ikki Shiryu - Pegasus Cygnus Andromeda Phoenix Dragon - zodiac knights
saintseiya-zone · skdscans: “ From Chimaki's twitter to promote Stage 59. Aren't they cute
Andromeda Shun
That was an actual line from Hyoga in Omega's ep80 and remember that his first opponent
Is a Dj at parties, noisy, can't be quiet, have a lot of nigthmares, he broke a lot of vinyls. 12/10
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Pin de Pablo Assis Pinto em Cavaleiros do zodíaco | Pinterest | Cavaleiro, Cdz e Saint seiya
Shun e Ikki
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Saint Seiya (Tencent) 聖鬥士星矢(騰訊)