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OhnoSatoshi Kawaii t
That smile
大野智 嵐 Ohno Satoshi ARASHI T.
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Ohno Satoshi & Aiba Masaki kawaii desu ne ^_^
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Elita on
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大野智 melting!
Ohno Satoshi♡ so cute
Satoshi Ohno, Arashi, 大野智, 嵐
Ohno Satoshi♡
Bartholomew Watanabe [Ohno Satoshi]
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can't believe he is 35 years old. Ohno Satoshi♡
ohno chan
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Arashi! Leader through the years Kokoro, The Year, Ninomiya Kazunari, Boy Bands
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ohno satoshi
Ohno Satoshi♡
Hootsuite. tsuki hoshino · Ohno Satoshi
Satoshi Ohno
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... the stupid media let you down, you know how mean they can be. Just be yourself and do what you want and... go be happy! But never forget Arashi, haha.
[2012.03] ワイルドアットハート {Wild At Heart} 06 satoshi Wild Hearts,
Kawaii Toma and Ryo-chan <3 ...
Bartholomew Watanabe [Ohno Satoshi]
Ohno Satoshi♡
Today I would like to share about the “The Strange Relationship” between Okada Junichi, the youngest member of V6 and The Leader Of Arashi and at the same ...
Arashi no Riida... Hontou ni Kawaii~
Please refer to this spreadsheet for the links of subs / translation: https://goo.gl/BXXT3x
Ohno Satoshi♡
In addition, Ohno also revealed that the other members of Arashi also loved the design, gave positive feedback, and “wore it happily”.
Name : Satoshi Familiy Name : Ohno Nick Name: O-chan, Riida, Ohno-kun, Captain Birth Place : Tokyo, Japan Birthday : 26 November 1980
Ohno Satoshi by KawaiiStorm
Now, I've admired all three of them for pushing the boundaries of idolhood (though I'll admit I didn't know much else about Shige as a person other than the ...
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ARASHI【Satoshi Ohno】 Famous Twink Idol also abroad!
Bringing you bits and pieces about your favourite idols. Arashi ...
After I saw Ohno new fresh pic 2013 which Arashi Ohmiya post in facebook, I can't hold myself from squeal “Mecha Mecha Kawaii!” and I take it some.
baby Ohno....(kawaii!!)
Isn't Ohno juz adorable here.. haha
baby Ohno....(kawaii!!)
쿠미코 Berna
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Arashi Fandom Begins
Anyway, I would like to say they are pairs who <3 nata-de-coco a lot.
Sakurai Sho 櫻井 翔
Lo and behold, today's oh-chan's birthday!!!
So sad! the last post were all about how tired I am soooo at least I should upload a cute pic ne!
[An An 2014.04.23] Ohno Satoshi's Time Spent
Well how was my description of our ojiichan? (lol I can hear him saying ossan ja nai, Oh-chan da! xD ) So this post is the result of me thinking what to ...
MatsuJun, compared with Ohno or Aiba, is someone who puts on a tad more airs, and I think he cares a lot about setting a good example as an idol, ...
waaaahhh!! kawaii !! satoshi kawaii !!
Ohno Satoshi <3
Arashi's member Ohno Satoshi (30) has been appointed as the navigator of a short series on NHK's BS Premium satellite channel, marking his first opportunity ...
( I will always have Naruse weakness T_T )
From kawaii Ohno Satoshi
cutie- As I was more and more into fandom, and have more pics, watched more vids, I realised how cute he is which was shock for me after Maou...and till now ...
Nicknames: Matsujun, Junji, King [by all Arashi], Jun~Chan, Matsumoto~kun, Do-S Profession: Actor, singer. Birthdate: 1983-Aug-30. Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
ohno satoshi
Isn't Ohno juz adorable here.. haha
Aiba-chan and Kazu-chan were the ones who played the chip stacking, what the eeff happenned to you Kazu-chan?! The stack wasn't that high yet ):
Aiba baby 1
Arashi's Ohno Satoshi and Nara Yoshitomo collaborate to create “24Hour Television” T-Shirts
waaaahhh!! kawaii !! satoshi kawaii !!
Jun Matsumoto is a Japanese actor and musician. Along with Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno, and Sho Sakurai, Matsumoto is a member of the J-pop ...
Rating: PG-13. Genre: Drama, romance. Word Count: 7100~ (whoa!) Disclaimer: Just fiction! Summary: Ohno feels old and worn out. Nino's feeling just worse.
Ohno: Well, in the world of art, there doesn't really exist a standard of what's right and what's wrong. So to be honest, I don't think there's really a ...
Featuring: Ninomiya Kazunari ...
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Aiba? Jun? Help? :)
Ohno in a maid outfit - D no Arashi #72
waaaahhh!! kawaii !! satoshi kawaii !!
Ohno Satoshi, Tanjoubi Omedettou Gozaimasu!
Sakamoto was with Arashi a lot during their debut so I guess he's pretty close with everyone.
arashi, kawaii, and ohno satoshi image
ohno ring
kyaaa and here we have close up ♥ and dat kawaii round cheeks ♥
waaaahhh!! kawaii !! satoshi kawaii !!
Let me worship you and your Jun-kun fangirlingXDD Next week's Himitsu no Arashi-chan looks soooo interesting, Mao-chan is going to confront Ooshima-san, ...
ohno satoshi
Lastly, I can't wait for 今日の日はさよなら drama.. I am gonna prepare a box of tissue when i watched it... I believe my eyes will be swollen the next day.
I don't really have words for Sho-chan, explaining why this pic is a favorite is possible but I know I'll end up repeating myself saying "Ah Sho-chan ...