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Nina Pandolfo Art | ❥"Hobby&Decor" inspirações | decor | art | arquitetura | flowers | decoração | travel | cake | bouquet | wedding | evento | fashion
Nina is one of the Brazilian pioneers in street art, and now she is internationally
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Street Art, Tatoos, Inspiration Tattoos, Phone Wallpapers, Frames, Notebooks, Etchings, Pen And Wash, Fabrics
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Nina Pandolfo
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Urban Art, Art Gallery, Street Art, Graffiti, Fashion Illustrations, Etchings, Pintura
Art Asylum: You were part of the group that led graffiti & street art into the museums and galleries, how did this process begin?
Artist Interview: Nina Pandolfo
Nina Pandolfo is one of the Brazilian pioneers in street art, and now she is internationally celebrated as one of the most exciting contemporary artist.
Nina Pandolfo. "
Nina Pandolfo. PAINTING PEOPLEArt girlWhiMSiCaLWonderlandGraffitiEtchings GIRLS ...
"All my works give something special that makes me proud, they are like my children, each of them has its own character, every one of them makes me proud in ...
Nina Pandolfo's Website. Why not check out the artist's ...
Nina Pandolfo Mumbai 2008 — with Alberto Henrique Diniz and Giselle Paiva. Find this Pin and more on street art ...
Art ...
Sao Paolo street art
Nina Pandolfo. By artasylumboston. Art ...
After hundreds of pieces is there still something you've always wanted to do, but have yet to? What would be your dream project? I mean theme, location, ...
The Strength of the Female Gaze: Nina Pandolfo at Lazarides Rathbone
Art Asylum: What can we expect from you in the next year, any gallery shows, upcoming projects etc.
After the bridge, turn right into Susannenstraße. Here you'll find one of my favourites, the girl with the pink dress. I love the composition of the two ...
Inside the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
Art Asylum: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your lifestyle / background? What inspired you to become the artist that you are today?
"I worked with him for 11 glorious years, during which time we broke every rule in the art rule book along with a fair few laws.
(Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Divine Intervention , 2018, oil on linen, Courtesy
Artists Nina Pandolfo and Nunca, as well as the twins known as Os Gêmeos, used more than 1,500 cans of spray paint to complete the design.
Street art with peace sign
Cat Art Show 2014 Press Round-Up
Hugo Martinez (“Princess Cheeto”), Rollin with my Homies , 2018,
Art Asylum: Do the young girls in your paintings share any relation to yourself; or resemble any people in your life?
Street Art in Batman Alley
Kristen Morgin's "My Best To You, Little Girl-Boy" at Anthony Meier Fine Arts
Art Picks of the Week: 9th - 15th July
Art Asylum: Your art focuses explicitly on the differences between childhood and adult realities, can you explain to us the idea behind your subjects?
My art is often quite provocative. I am interested in challenging embedded didactic behaviors or beliefs that are the social codes of civilizations"
Batman Alley Street Art teacher
Banksy, Because I'm Worthless
(Annie Montgomerie, Owner, 2018, Don't Know What Ya Lookin At
Part of Cat Art Show 2014.
Nina Pandolfo is back in London with exciting new projects!
Joachim, Cat Street Art Mural , Lier Belgium 2017.
The Londoner
The word on the street: you'll need Dh2.4m to own a Banksy. Street artist ...
Art Asylum: What can we expect to see from Fake for the few moth's? Any gallery shows, print releases, etc? Any specific plans for 2010?
What do you think of the evolution of street art, I mean the birth of festivals in every city of the world and all the artistic business related to it?
Small houses on giant's back, class struggle and pretty superhero kids staring at the blue sky. We reached Fintan for a chat about his art ...
A visitor to the São Paulo international art fair
Nem Tudo é o que Parece - Nina Pandolfo. Nem Tudo é o que Parece - Nina Pandolfo Little Girls, Street Art ...
Painter Ryan Hewett's Preview Exhibition at Unit London
Os Gemeos Double Mural pays Tribute to Hip Hop and New York, 2017
Satellite Miami Beach 2015: Jennifer Avery's Beast Boutique
Hunto Brings Love to the Streets of Soho, London 2017
Catching Butterflys.
September 12, 2018 - SãO Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Life is Beautiful Urban Art Festival, Downtown Las Vegas 2017
(Paul Koudounaris, Mewcifer , 2018, digital photographic print 1/10, courtesy
nina pandolfo image
Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed (Photo courtesy Glass Jar Photography and ISF)
I wish I could show more of my early works but its all pretty incriminating. For legal reasons I don't show any of my early works under my real name.
Felipe Pantone Leaves his Graffiti Tag in New York City, 2017
Adam Neate - Heroes
Artist: Os Gemeos
Hoodie Street Art. - Stock Image
David Choe Paints The Offices Of Facebook
Lodz 4 Cultures Urban Art Festival 2017, Poland 2017
Visitors to the International Graffiti Fine Art Biennial in Sao Paulo
Studio Visit: Vanessa Prager
Rustam Qbic Teaches us the Importance of Nurture, UPEA Street Art Festival, Finland 2017
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