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Nalu Lucy and END I was designed to destroy but I chose you to
Nalu | Lucy and E.N.D. | I was designed to destroy, but I chose you
Natsu will never ever kill Lucy! :'( *cries* #END #FairyTail :(
Natsu et Lucy scan
I can't wait till Lucy realise Natsu is E.N.D!!!
Nalu 18 by lovamv on DeviantArt
nalu kiss | Naluღೋ(Natsu x Lucy) - Nalu Fan Art (36134025) - Fanpop
NaLu!! I knew it! I knew they were meant for each other! there is evidence right there so the people who ship natsu and lisanna sorry but that will never ...
Damnit, Mavis and Zeref... Zeref and Natsu... Natsu and Lucy... Why can't everything just be fine already?!
Natsu E.N.D
I love this, but really? There are soooo many better pictures of Juvia.
sabizac: “ Chapter 545 - True Nalu Ending! Fairy Tail is over but Nalu
I don't care about you, but if you touch my girl....... I will kill you! Fairy tail! Kinabra, Albis, Lakarts! ❤❤❤
This makes me want to ship NaLu even harder. She's willing to do it and he's so happy.
Gray and Natsu (END) part 1
fairy tail: NaLu natsu and lucy
He Chose Me - Nalu vs. Nali
You can break my soul Take my life away Beat me Hurt me Kill me But for the love of God Don't touch HER [Edited by Yours Truly]
NaLu Quotes
Natsu x Lucy the one fact im always curious about
Natsu E.N.D. form
Welll, NATSU is END, but if this happens TOTAL NALU MOMENT! (Not that it won't be a nalu moment with Natsu)
The moment Lucy tells Natsu, "We should take a break"....XD
thanks to the FT ending it makes me wanna have nalu pics all over my board
#FAIRYTAIL #FT #FairyTail #lucyheartfilia #Lucy #natsu #nalu #DisneylandHolidays #DisneylandParkpic.twitter.com/9XWAweF5X5
I dont really care who Lucy ends up with but this is cute ^^
A Demon's Secret {Nalu} (Under Editing)
NaLu Lucy Revenge (1&2) END Awakens
They usually do what's best for the people but not at the cost of losing a friend. I'm sure there will be a scene where Gray tries to kill Natsu for the ...
... chose to have Natsu just disappear like that, with not so much as a bittersweet farewell or an “i love you” to his friends (and Lucy cause Nalu for ...
Image result for fairy tail headcanons
Zeref Acnologia will be it but I also kinda want Gildarts
Fairy Tail - Natsu & Lucy Married : Natsu's Big Announcement! A Love Story
Nalu All The Way! — geghanush: Thank you for commission order! ❤ Lucy.
Lucy looks great with short or long hair! Though, I am really like the short hair on her along with Aquarius' key as a good luck charm.
A Nalu Fanfiction:Lucy a Elemental Dragon Slayer
Natsu has the choice to choose between being a demon or a dragon and he is like I am human and the seeds were destroyed. So that means that END is dead.
Unravel || Fairytail Nalu fanfic ||
The Lucy That I Know- Nalu FanFic
I don't believe in Fairy tales, but I believe in
Fairy tail , natsu x lucy. NaLu~ not smooching but ...
The demon and angel:A Nalu Fairytail Story
Nalu. This better happen or Mashima-senpi I will find you and kill and
The Magic that overcomes ALL MAGIC. But Lucy had a theory:
Hiro Mashima (c) Even if Hiro makes boring fanservice manga, I still love this anime and very happy to watch new ongoing Fairy Tail: Lucy Heartfilia
Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~
My Girlfriend's Friend,Lucy. (NaLu)
Nalu quotes - Google Search
"natsu.. please stop.. don't destroy the guild anymore.
I don't know why, but this makes me laugh XD Fairy Tail Funny
In and Out (A NaLu Fanfiction)
Hidden Pain (Nalu Fanfic)
Chained Till The E.N.D
Natsu x Lucy: Our Light, Our End~ {A Fairy Tail
I kissed Lucy and Mira, because I wanted to kill Meredy... The first part is really good
#wattpad #fanfiction Lucy Heartfilia is a blood sucking vampire.Not a common one but a rare.A type of vampire that could give birth to a child with magical ...
The stalker and the lover (Natsu x Lucy) (nalu)✓️
Nalu (Natsu X lucy) Queen of dragons?
A Woman Can:. Lucy Heartfilia by Flames-Keys on deviantART
Nalu week Bonus Day - Drive
What Is Wrong With Me (A NALU FANFIC)
Soul Mates{Nalu Fanfiction}✓️
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)
Almost every NaLu fan out there theorized, that in this particular scene, Natsu was telling Gildarts about his feelings for Lucy, meanwhile others said that ...
Lucy Heartfilia's Revenge
Natsu and Lucy! If fairy tail ends with Natsu dying, i will go and
Fairy Tail Nalu, Fairy Tail Ships, Fairy Tail Images, Natsu And Lucy,
Love and Lucky (A Fairy Tail "NaLu" FanFic)
Book 1: Words That Were Meant For Me (NaLu FanFic)
5) In the Tenrou arc, we all know how Natsu's scarf protected him, right? Well, maybe not. Zeref's black magic couldn't kill Natsu because he is a demon.
A ηαℓυ Ƒαηƒιcтιση: Fairy Tail Valentine's special.
Rise and Downfall (E.N.D. Fanfiction)
Nashi Dragneel | Fairy Tail: Next Generation Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia
You can just call me Ether, or anything besides things like Author-san, Author-chan.
Natsu END Natsu Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Anime, Fairy Tail Ships, Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail - The Old Heartfilia, Lucy's Sister (Completed)
PLUE was firstly created in the Rave Master series, yet Mashima made it into one of Lucy's celestial spirits. And people love him in Fairy Tail, ...
Natsu x Lucy: I Love You~ {A Fairy Tail Fanfic}
Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D)
Fairy Tail because having stripped before intruding into someone's home is better than having stripped in said person's house.....Lucy Heartfilia disagrees ...
My World Is You (NaLu Fanfic)
Lucy and Aquarius - just watched this and can't stop crying!!
The Demon and The Princess | NaLu | BEING EDITED
Is it wrong to cry after reading this? -- No because I am crying right now
Lucy- fight for what you believe in
You'll Regret Everything | Lucy's Revenge | discontinued
Demons Love (Nalu)
I don't know what's happening but I want to. Anybody know where this
You'll be mine. [Nalu fanfiction.]
Ask Or Dare Fairy Tail
Natsu X Lucy Kiss Happening!? Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima Addresses Romance! 542+ - YouTube
a true NaLu fan would have laughed because that is so like Natsu to have been eating xD
Nalu | Not really Nalu... but it's Natsu and Lucy in the same
nalu | Tumblr Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy, Fairy Tail Love, Fairy Tail Funny
... natsu at the end of the dragon invasion, that Gray would kill Frosch, but not wanting to startle anyone, Natsu doesnt share this info even with lucy.
Compared to other shonen manga's Mashima has spoiled us rotten for ship moments. Nalu, in particular, got over ...