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JUNTOSHI in 2018 t Jun
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Satoshi Jun
Sakumoto ShoJun Find The Answer photoshop | SakuMoto <3 ~ShoJun~ in 2018 | Pinterest | Jun
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Juntoshi ♡ Beautiful Day, Japanese Boy, Boy Bands, Jun
2:07 PM - 13 Jun 2018
Satoshi Ono and Jun Matsumoto
Jun, Twitter
松本潤 and #大野智 wore very similar tops on 2 different #嵐にしやがれ episodes. Who wore it better? #juntoshi pic.twitter.com/THjF9gkIsY
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Jun Matsumoto Satoshi Ohno
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Ohmiya <3 Drawings, Ninomiya Kazunari, Pop Rocks, Boy Bands, Singer
arashi-used to be obsessed with these guys Ninomiya Kazunari, Watch Movies, Idol
Sakurai + jun Bambi, Japanese Boy, Ninomiya Kazunari, Style, Boy Bands,
You Are My Soul, Japanese Boy, Boy Bands, Jun, Idol, Celebrities
スイーツ部ほんまに最高やん! 🍧 @twistedthursday · 23 Apr 2017
Drabble of Arashi (eng. ver.)
juntoshi. Jun: *gets hot*
Nino and Sho Ninomiya Kazunari
「Pairings Ranking」《My POV》: sukarideepsoul ?
Jun: *purposely broke Riida's mic*
Original Image, Japanese Boy, The Originals, Ninomiya Kazunari, Boy Bands, Jun
2:38 PM - 6 Jun 2018
潤智 love situation Are You Happy, Jun, Wizards, Singers, Actresses
Juntoshi eyeing each other without a care in the world.
2:07 PM - 13 Jun 2018
Jun: *inches closer*
juntoshi على تويتر: "To Ninos birthday Untitled 😍😍 Omg it's amazing!!! The most impressive was UB, it made me cry. My next best was Houyou 😍 Its just me ...
ah i just found this pict on weibo, and my heart skips a beat! jun really kawaii ne~ so ohchan couldnt take it anymore >. < www
I know you'll reach the top
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Elita @ethatonbo
2:07 PM - 13 Jun 2018
Also Nino calls him Jun-kun and gives him all those adorable nicknames. <3. Juntoshi:
潤智 じいまご 嵐 かわいい Forever Love, Loving U, Jun, Handsome
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After treating Ohno like a jerk, Jun was like, "Aww... Come here. I'm sorry for being mean to you. I didn't mean it. I was just acting.
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The right side looks kind of difficult... For Sho chan It might be imposs- S:...... N: Don't say it, don't say it! J: Impossiblepic.twitter.com/ocLHUBKhpB
Combi Name: SatoJun / JunToshi. Relationship: The combination pair.
Matsumoto Jun: Still Dorky Yet Yasashi at age 32.
jun bd
Current Mood: happy
Translation Potato October edition, Arashi cross talk
Or when he needs to tell Sho off when Mr. Fail messes up.
(i think today's juntoshi day but idek so here's a random juntoshi photo for you guys cos i love juntoshi and i know some other people who love that)
[One Shots][Kpop and Jpop]
But things aren't like they seem to be and maybe Ohno contains in himself a power stronger and more dangerous than anything.
arashi7 arashi8
Starting ...
Arashi in Summer, the Big Strategy Meeting (Part: 2) [from 2011
Cr: Music Station 2hr SP 23.02.2018
Regarding the romantic feeling of today, how about some Juntoshi to melt your heart?!
If you want me to add you, please answer to this post. I want to get to know you! :-)
Also Nino calls him Jun-kun and gives him all those adorable nicknames. <3. Juntoshi:
Jpop Arashi memes | Arashi 嵐 in 2018 | Pinterest | Ninomiya kazunari, Jun and Memes
And… Since it's a day to celebrate love, nothing better than my sweet OTP!
2:07 PM - 13 Jun 2018
I did a series of drawings for his bday, Drew all Ohno pairs: Juntoshi, Ohmiya, Tennen, ...
Matsumoto Jun
Also Nino calls him Jun-kun and gives him all those adorable nicknames. <3. Juntoshi:
#aiba #arashi #drabble #fanfic #fanfiction #jun #kazunari #masaki #matsumoto #ninomiya #ohno #sakurai #satoshi #sho
Juntoshi hold
Elita @ethatonbo · 22 Apr 2017
Even if I love them now, I disliked ShoJun a lot some months ago, but as Juntoshi, that changed when I started to know more about them, especially about ...
#aiba #arashi #drabble #fanfic #fanfiction #jun #kazunari #masaki #matsumoto #ninomiya #ohno #sakurai #satoshi #sho
Today I would like to share about the “The Strange Relationship” between Okada Junichi, the youngest member of V6 and The Leader Of Arashi and at the same ...
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kawaii matsujun :3 | MATSU HAIRSTLYES in 2018 | Pinterest | Jun, Japan and Japanese
じいまごの画像(プリ画像) Photos, Jun, Faces, Actors
ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2017-2018「untitled」
Paparazzi 嵐 & ジャニーズ