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I39m just gonna leave this here mikasa ackerman eren jaeger
I'm just gonna leave this here { #mikasa #ackerman #eren #jaeger #attack #on #titan #aot #shingeki #no #kyojin #snk }
Eren Jaeger Quotes
I won't leave you (Eren x Mikasa - Attack on Titan)
"*sob* i-i know b-but i... i can't... i don't wann...*cry*" hugs him even more "i know it's hard bit i'm here... i will never leave ...
[ Rivaere ] I'm Here , Eren . I'm gonna save you
Mikasa Ackerman,Eren Yeager - Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan,Anime
I'm dying. ~ Attack on Titan || Shingeki no Kyojin || eren Yeager || Levi Ackerman || Ereri || snk || AOT || attack on titan funny || levixeren || erenxlevi
Shingeki no Kyojin, Levi, Eren Jaeger - I'm going to guess some little girl attacked them with hair ties and clips.
I'm a monster! Can't you see that?! Everybody has
Eren Jaeger | Shingeki no Kyojin #anime Attack On Titan Art, Anime Guys,
And Eren is just like "but-but /I'm/ supposed to be the strongest. /I'M/ THE GODDAMN TITAN HERE."
Rivalry to Lovers - A Mikasa X Eren Fanfiction
I'm gonna marry Mikasa Ackerman
Attack on titan Eren x Mikasa
Lawyer how are you gonna set me free and defend from the court? Levi: Shut up you fucking brat, before I change my mind letting you stay here in prison for ...
Eren x Levi. Yeager family 😶this actual get married I'm happy Aot
I'm just gonna leave this here
Isabel is like, "I'm just gonna copy Levi." Levi is like, "I don't care."
Ereri ~ Eren Jaeger x Levi Ackerman Lemon
“But if I'm here… And you're here..”
Levi Ackerman x Eren Yeager
Levi x Eren ~ I'm here...don't cry
((I'm laughing at the height difference between Levi and Bertolt, oh my goodness)) <---- IM DYINGGGGG
Rivaille (Levi) x Eren Jaeger I'm not really for this ship, BUT this is freaking cute and sad at the same time
“But if I'm here… And you're here..”
People always say Eren can't read, but I'm over here wondering if Levi can. Did Kenny ever teach him how? Or did someone else? Could KENNY even read?
last veterans left alive [I was listening to this and ugly sobbing]
Doing my article assignment and this is what I get. I'm so done here.. #levi #eren #aot #snk
Inadequate [Eren x Anorexic!Reader] AU by TheNobodyofaSOLDIER on DeviantArt
Mikasa Ackerman Quotes thumbnail
Levi and Kuchel --
Mikasa Ackerman is the main female protagonist of Shingeki no Kyojin. She is also the adopted sister of Eren Jaeger, the main male protagonist.
eren jaeger quotes thumbnail
i would pick eren than levi fr idk why
Why Eren Did NOT KISS MIKASA | Attack On Titan Episode 12 |
... I'm crying💗😭💗 • • • #aot #aotmene #aotseason3
Rivaille (Levi) x Petra Ral with poor Eren Jaeger I'm not understanding what is happening in this pic.
I'm just gonna leave this here
Eren could just say he is Kruger's descendant as he knew about all those from the memories he inherited from his father.
Attack On Titan-A Choice With No Regrets (Levi Ackerman). Fanfiction. Ryuko Jaeger is Eren's ...
Eren x Male!tsundere!Reader, protect you, one-shot by Jessicaxchen on DeviantArt
Heart Letters [Eren Jaeger x Mikasa Ackerman]
S3 Levi Ackerman
I'm going to jump up and clean that spider web near the ceiling." Rivaille ( Levi) x Eren Jaeger
Secret Santa [ERERI SMUT]
Eren x Mikasa fanfiction
im sorry (Depressed Levi X fuck boy Eren ) Ereri
mikasa ackerman quotes
Levi Ackerman X hybrid Eren Jaeger {ON HOLD}
Eren Yeager Quotes | Eren Jaeger Quotes Attack On Titan
(“Shit, i'm related to that sick bastard” Levi thought)
I was going to sleep until I saw people complaining on why Mikasa was by Eren's bedside in this episode???
Fifty Shades of Ackerman (Levi x Reader) [Part 9] by BlackButlerFan09871 on DeviantArt
If attack on Titan had a group chat {Finished}
Attack On Titan one-shots
#levi #ackerman #leviackerman #ackermanlevi #aot #snk #eren #jaeger # erenjaeger #mikasa #mikasaackerman #shingekinokyoujin #shingeki #no #kyojin ...
I won't leave you (Eren x Mikasa - Attack on Titan) - Chapter 1 - Love Within the Battlefield - Wattpad
Demon and Goddess (Mikasa x Demon!Male!Reader) by Endervslender on DeviantArt
Attack On Titan Season 4 release date Shingeki no Kyojin manga ending to leave room for
Captain Levi's Laugh! I'm just gonna leave this here, for those who
Does Annie Love Eren Jaeger? Female Titan Attack on Titan Love Theory!
"I'm Levi's" ...
snk|aot fandom ( @alertfxndom )
Frozen Heart [Levi x Elsa] [CRACK FIC] by TheNobodyofaSOLDIER on DeviantArt
Favorite Anime Quotes
#arminarlert #attackontitan #eremika #erenjaeger #erenxmikasa #leviackerman #mikaere #mikasaackerman #mikasaxeren #rivamika #shingekinokyojin #smutwarning ...
Lost & Broken ~ Levi Ackerman
TOP 10 CENSORED Scenes for Attack on Titan Season 3! Levi Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Uprising Arc
AA T ¶ ⒞
The 2192nd Day [Levi | Reader |Modern AU!] by StilemaWillow on DeviantArt
If Attack On Titan Characters Had Twitter
Mikasa Ackerman, slightly battered, during the Battle of Trost.
This world is cruel... But it's also very beautiful. 5.”I'm sorry Eren.
The Captain's Sister [Eren X Reader]
Eren x Levi mermaids are real.
I'm Canadian and this is a big occasion we celebrate by leaving wreaths, decorated by poppy's, near graves or statues to remember ou.
Mikasa Ackerman Quotes
I'm just going to leave this here - #shingekinokyojin #snk #attackontitan #aot #anime #manga #attackontitanmemes #leviackerman #erenjaeger # mikasaackerman ...
Left Behind (Attack on Titan×Tokyo Ghoul)
i'm just gonna leave this here.
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) Character Analysis: Mikasa Ackerman | Happy Katana
My baby son Eren made me cry too much in the last episode. I just had to do it ;_;
Note: I've been pretty busy this past week but I'm just gonna drop this here since it's really, really short and I find it funny!!
Louise expresses the exact “fight fight fight” rhetoric Eren once “taught” Mikasa. Mikasa lived by “if you win you live, if you lose you die,” almost ...
game you want, game you get|levi x reader x eren| by demoticdreams on DeviantArt
This is definitely Eren after 4 years. There's a reason why the author gave a clear picture of Eren in his younger form and ...
With that being said, I think her headache in 109 was a result of her starting to lose Eren again- only this time it's in a different way.
AA T ¶ ⒞
(Eren Jaeger x Reader) by Angiehimesan on DeviantArt
Mikasa tries to defend Eren from Connie and Jean in 108 by suggesting that they should rely on faith that Eren still cares for them as he did a year prior.
Cleaning, Smiles and Love (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat on DeviantArt