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How can yoga help us improve the way we think about and interact
Health Benefits of Yoga
Supta Padangusthasana Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
How can yoga help us improve the way we think about and interact with others?
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12 Yoga Poses to Boost Breast Health
handstand pose alexandria crow
In a world of information overload, the yoga practice of pratyahara offers us a haven of silence.
woman in bow pose on paddleboard
Provide landmarks when you give instructions.
You can perform yoga in your bedroom but make sure don't do yoga on soft surface. Yoga is a popular way to increase flexibility, gain strength, ...
Yoga is a wonderful way to help a child with their social skills. The environment does not force you to interact with others however certain poses allow for ...
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Baddha Konasana for Weak Knees.
George Langenberg in meditation pose for the online mindfulness course on Ekhart Yoga
Science proves meditating restructures your brain and trains it to concentrate, feel greater compassion, cope with stress, and more.
... Where to get help. Yoga
Practices for Improving Emotional and Physical Well-Being
Teen Girl Yoga Squad gives teenage girls a non-competitive venue for social interaction, proper exercise, positive thinking, and relaxation.
Can yoga improve your sex life? Does yoga improve sexual function? We take a look at what the research has to say and what poses may be best for a happier, ...
Home yoga practice, Esther Ekhart, EkhartYoga
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3. Lowers the risk of injury
Eight ways yoga can improve your sex life
The Science behind Yoga and Relationships
Sometimes relying on a solid structure can help bring a little more ease and happiness into our lives. The trick is to use the benefits of structure as a ...
Source: Alex Korb. My Dad has been going to yoga for ...
Weekly Classes at Three Queens Yoga
The 23 Amazing Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Body and Brain (+ PDFs)
Illustration by Anthony Russo
5 Ways to Put Spirituality into Practice
Research is revealing that compassion is so much more than just a kind reaction to others' suffering. It's also an essential skill, one that can be improved ...
Nichi Green what is fascia? EkhartYoga
Yogic postures
Kegels vs Yoga
What mindfulness gurus won't tell you: meditation has a dark side | Spectator Health
Woman relaxing in chair. For many of us ...
Kirsty Tomlinson - 8 limbs of yoga
8 Ways Kids Can Benefit From Yoga
Adriene Mishler is an actress, writer, international yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. On a mission to get the tools of yoga into schools ...
Thinking about doing a yoga teacher training program? Here is the best of what I
Traditionally, the practice of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) was performed at sunrise, as a way to greet the sun and the arrival of a new day.
Meditation, Esther Ekhart
Ever since my dad tried to convince me to meditate when I was about 12, I've been fairly skeptical of this practice. It always seemed to be so vague and ...
You will feel more sensual. Yoga helps develop an awareness of your sensations of your total body and how your body feels. It helps you learn to stay in ...
Attaining the Siddhis: 28 Superhuman Powers You Can Gain Through Practicing Yoga and Meditation
I was sick and depressed. I took at least one sick day a month and my work performance was suffering. I was about to lose my job. Yoga made me feel ...
Yoga for eyes – Improve eyesight naturally
How to do it: Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, and your hips over the knees. Inhale into Cat, arching the back and drawing your belly ...
Yoga is a series of physical exercises and postures that are geared toward improving one's flexibility, strength and balance. A regular practice helps to ...
And you'll be more, ahem, flexible. Increased flexibility that comes with a regular yoga practice can come in handy when you are getting creative in the ...
Learning to see each other
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Yoga has a long history of helping people achieve mental and physical balance.
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Modern yoga has a range of styles to suit everyone, whatever the desired outcome.
Costa Rica: Florblanca Yoga or Pilates
Warrior 1 pose with Andrew Wrenn on Ekhartyoga.com
Check out 'Cosmic Kids' Youtube Channel for fun child friendly yoga adventures that the whole family will love; along with fantastic resources for parents.
St Lucia: The BodyHoliday Yoga or Pilates
How exercise can improve mood disorders
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Turks & Caicos: Parrot Cay Yoga and Pilates Retreat
Find Your True Self Through Meditation
Social & Emotional Benefits of Regular Exercise. Young people in a yoga ...
Finding peace together
Bikram yoga does not have to be hot to benefit health Doing 12 weeks of Bikram yoga in a hot room results in similar improvement to vascular health as doing ...
Locust pose (Salabhasana)
Empowered Yoga Challenge, EkhartYoga Give yourself permission to ...
exercising to relax
Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary Yoga
Chair pose (Utkatasana)
Essentially any pose will strengthen an area of the body if it is practised in the right way, without putting too much stress on specific muscle groups.
Yoga to attain mental health & physical well-being:
On top of all the physical and emotional benefits, yoga classes are also a social environment. If you are single, it could be a great way of ...
Intuitive skills are inside all of us. Intuition is always there for us, to guide, protect, and help us develop. As we grow into adulthood, we may push this ...
Growing personally and together over time
This is not me. source
Wanderlust Festival, Aspen, CO. photo credit: Ali Kaukas
A heads up: easy, short-term planks aren't the type that are going to provide you with much strength improvement.