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Data and Geordi all Sherlock39d up in the 1988 Star Trek TNG
Elementary, Dear Data
The Big Goodbye
Data and Geordi all Sherlock'd up in the 1988 Star Trek: TNG episode Elementary, Dear Data. (For a second I thought I saw Shaun and Gus from Psych.
Datalore Poster
Elementary, Dear Data Poster
Brent Spiner as Data in Star Trek: TNG
We boldly go — and revisit the top episodes from 'TNG' and the Enterprise-D.
The Outrageous Okona Poster
Symbiosis Poster
The Neutral Zone Poster
Heart of Glory Poster
Geordi surprises Data with an invitation to the Holodeck to partake in one of Commander Data's favorite fictional universes, The world of Sherlock Holmes.
A photo of the Star Trek: The Next Generation season one characters in costume
Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation
When The Bough Breaks
Fifty years later, the mission continues as 'Star Trek' castmembers from the original series, 'Next Generation,' 'Deep Space Nine,' 'Voyager,' and ' ...
That's What's Up: The 5 best and 5 worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Arsenal of Freedom (episode) | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993) - Geordi LaForge (LeVar Burton), Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden), Data (Brent Spiner),
Home Soil Poster
Too Short a Season
Star Trek the Next Generation Galoob Data Action Figure 1988
Ghost Ship (Star Trek the Next Generation, Book #1): Diane Carey: 9780671665791: Amazon.com: Books
Data can see shortcomings in Geordi's new diagnostic displays
How Can 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Possibly Be 30?
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" The Arsenal of Freedom (TV Episode 1988) - IMDb
The Bynars were portrayed by young actresses in extensive make-up.
Cover Gallery
Coming of Age Poster
The List of Actors Who Died in 2018Looper.com
Teri Hatcher .
Guinan - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Anna Khlystova #startrek #starfleet #
star trek data actor | ... is not living up to Commander Data's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes
Skin of Evil Poster
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Data and Lore
Episode summary: "Encounter at Farpoint".
The Child
Conundrum Poster
TNG syndication ratings ad
Ghost Ship (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 1): Diane Carey: 9780671746087: Amazon.com: Books
Angel One
Star Trek TNG S2 Blu Ray.jpg
David Rappaport
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season Two arrives on Blu-ray with a fairly consistent and highly impressive high definition transfer.
Star Trek: TNG Chibis by heymatt.deviantart.com
Some footage of wardrobe and makeup tests from ST:TNG. Kinda creepy, actually. Good thing they went with the yellow eyes for Data instead of orange.
Brad Dourif as Lon Suder
Actor Brent Spiner turns 66 today - he was born in He's most known for his role as Lieutenant Commander Data on TVs Star Trek The Next Generation.
Where Silence Has Lease Poster
Tim Russ
John Larroquette as Maltz
Ray Walston
Paul Winfield
Joe Piscopo .
Flesh of My Flesh
When Reading Rainbow went behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Jean Simmons
Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek in <
Chief of Operations Miles Edward O'Brien (2375)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Poster. Trailer
Robert Duncan McNeill
Joanna Miles
Dan Curry
Pen Pals Poster
Actor John de Lancie plays the role of the mysterious but powerful alien known as Q
Star Trek TNG #iPhone 4 #Wallpaper
These are the voyages.
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Starship Mine (TV Episode 1993) - IMDb
Gary Lockwood
The Enterprise Incident
Ed Begley, Jr.
Gregory Sierra
Conspiracy Poster
Star Trek: The Next Generation cast: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lt. Commander Data, Counselor Deanna Troi, Commander William T.
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" A Matter of Time (TV Episode 1991) - IMDb
Prototype space shuttle Enterprise named after the fictional starship with Star Trek television cast members and creator Gene Roddenberry.
LeVar Burton stars as Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge in all four TNG movies between 1994 and 2002.
Stephanie Beacham
Brent Spiner - Spiner at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International promoting the returning
Watch Star Trek The Next Generation Online
Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch on Tor.com: Descent, Part II
J.J. Abrams