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Art and Conservation Journal Panthera onca Jaguar t
Art and Conservation Journal: Panthera onca. Jaguar, pencil .
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Jaguar painting by Gabriel Hermida
Jaguars are nocturnal creatures. Full-body view of Panthera onca, photography by Sofía
No caption available …
Female jaguar walking
Art illustration - Jaguar: or yaguar (Panthera onca) is a ferocious carnivore of
Jaguar-Header-Large-05 Porto Jofre (42).jpg?itok=87Oa0Fzd
Kaayana & kittens
Art and Conservation Journal: Panthera onca. Jaguar, pencil drawing
Precioso animal
Mayan terms for jaguar are Ek-sush, Zac bolay. Image by Sofía Monzón
Jaguar (Panthera onca) - Jaguars are the 3rd largest species of cat in the
Jaguar en movimiento (Panthera onca) Jaguar Pictures, Big Cats, Jaguar Leopard,
Powerful jaguar (Panthera onca). (Valter Patrial 500px)
Jaguars, predator and spiritual symbol of ayahuasca drug ritual, threatened by poaching and habitat loss.
Caption A jaguar ...
Panthera onca is an endangered species due to excessive hunting. Image by Sofía Monzón using
Jaguar are often killed for their pelts
I love you, too, mom Baby jaguar (Panthera onca) #photos by
Radio-collared female jaguar (Panthera onca) roadkill, Morro do Diabo State Park
Juaguar, Panthera onca. FLAAR Image archive. Jaguar Panthera onca
[Mammalogy • 2012] Jaguar Panthera onca predation of marine turtles: conflict between flagship species in Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Panthera onca is an endangered species, it now occupies only a third of the original
Jaguar Conservation Chiribiquete Colombia
eqiunox: “ Jaguar by ~MakaniRobinson ”
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In the Pantanal region of Brazil, a jaguar on the Fazenda San Francisco ranch. Credit Thomas Nash
Jaguar by Chris Martin. CC0 1.0 Public Domain.
Benefits of jaguar tourism far outweigh costs to local farmers
Jaguar by Martin Heigan. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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Tiger (Panthera tigris), the largest species of the genus Panthera
Jaguar (Panthera onca) - Panthera lineage
Jaguars and well-managed logging concessions can coexist, say conservationists | EurekAlert! Science News
Watching Jaguar - Panthera onca - watercolor big cat.
Historical and current distribution of the northern jaguar Panthera onca (based on Rafinesque, 1832
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Colour morphism
Panthera onca is an endangered species due to excessive hunting. Image by Sofía Monzón using
[Image: Jaguar-walking-through-rainforest.jpg]
Sympatric Jaguar and Puma
jaguar. A jaguar (Panthera onca) ...
Seasonal home ranges (90% kernel isopleth) of female jaguars (Panthera onca)
One ...
Jaguar skins from Sierra de Imataca ('serrano' or 'menudo' coloration pattern
Only Known Wild Jaguar Spotted by Wildlife Camera in Southern Arizona
Female South American jaguar at Piquiri River, Mato Grosso state, Brazil
Jaguar Conservation Colombia Chiribiquete
First record of jaguar (Panthera onca) predation on a loggerheard sea turtle (Caretta caretta) in Tortuguero National Park, ...
While Theodore Roosevelt killed this jaguar in South America, many Americans hunted them in the
a) Locations (grey shaded areas) of the  known jaguar Panthera onca
Camera trap photos of a jaguar mark-captured and recaptured in the study area from
Jaguars lost the size of Austria of key habitat only since the 1980s due to the expansion of agriculture and overhunting
The team fitting a GPS collar to a wild jaguar (Image: Fernando Colchero)
Male jaguar Mayo at the Northern Jaguar Reserve in
Fossil skull of a Pleistocene North American jaguar (Panthera onca augusta)
Temporal variation in jaguar Panthera onca activity in the four main habitat types in Blue Creek
Adult jaguar in Cameron Park Zoo, Waco, Texas
Sympatric Jaguar and Puma
What are jaguars eating in a half-empty forest? Insights from diet in an overhunted Caatinga reserve
Borderland Dreams: Tracking El Tigre in Southern Arizona and Beyond
Families ...
Wawashan Nature Reserve was designated a Jaguar Conservation Unit (JCU) in the original analysis, ...
Illustration of a western Mexican jaguar
Jaguar, Panthera onca. Front and side view of the head. Illustration by Diana
jaguar conservation central america
Male jaguar Chiltepin at the Northern Jaguar Reserve
No caption available …
European jaguar (Panthera onca gombaszoegensis), extinct since antiquity. Chessie by CompassLogic
Jaguar populations are rapidly declining. The animal is considered Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural ...
Potential distribution of the jaguar in Mexico according to: (a) ecological niche factor
Plundering Eden, Part Three: Andean Bears and Jaguars – Advocacy for Animals
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