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Arashi My Pretty Man t Actors Music and Idol
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Arashi "Are You Happy?" LE version from eyes-with-delight.tumblr.com
I've overdosed on Korea's year-end music shows that it was a welcome change to watch actors in their own world through the year-end drama shows instead and ...
Arashi Blast Hawaii
I'm not really sure what's going on with Sho in this pic. Is that a wig? My babe looks adorable as always.
Arashi. UUU-H!
Kazunari Ninomiya....... so beautiful, and perfect :)
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Top 20 Most Handsome, Hottest, and Talented Japanese Actors | ReelRundown
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sakurai sho :) Hot Asian Men, Asian Boys, Drama Movies, Pretty Men
二宮和也, my beautiful man :D
matsumoto jun · Pretty menBeautiful ...
Sho Sakurai very sexy!
11. Sho Sakurai
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In the same year, he found guest starring roles in dramas such as Ame to Yume no Ato ni and a small role in the TBS drama Brother Beat.
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Advertisement: Arashi ...
... He became the first teenage male artist in 33 years to have a number one debut single as well as being one of the only two artists in history to achieve ...
Why I love KPOP / First trip down the rabbit hole: Arashi.
Jun Matsumoto
Perfume (Japanese band)
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Hey! Say! JUMP
As P.K. started canvassing Arashi fans he immediately noticed something. Nearly 70 percent of the people he asked weren't really into Johnny's other idol ...
Tokyo Girls
We ask Arashi fans why the boy band is so popular… because we couldn't figure it out ourselves | SoraNews24
... original motive of idol is to express the power of dream basing on the team spirit and painstaking effort. Dreams will come true only after hard work, ...
워너뮤직코리아 (Warner Music Korea)
Matsumoto Jun
credit: withthearashi.blogspot.com
Ramblings on Arashi's Leader
Arashi has no Hit Dramas
Matsumoto Jun — Matsujun, Jun-kun, Matsumoto-kun, Jun-pon, Junnosuke, Nino's “J” or… can I borrow, Sho? Macchan — is the youngest in Arashi and somehow, ...
Koji Seto
Yui Aragaki
Kara at the fansigning for their mini album "Day & Night", 30 August
It's a big end to the month of July in J-ent as two big name acting couples suddenly announced marriages. First was Miura Shohei (30) and Kiritani Mirei ...
List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol's Dating
No, I didn't think this pre-pubescent looking guy was actually the leader of Arashi when I first joined the fandom either. He's just too... pretty!
This is a pretty illustrious collection of comedic talent. First, there's the three members of Morisanchuu (森三中) – Ooshima-san (who is the team captain ...
Face Scanning Technology Used at Arashi Concert for the First Time
T-Max (티맥스) is a Korea Boy Band under Two-step Entertainment. It is supposed to be the South Korean version of Japanese group Arashi.
Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni.
Sho Sakurai from the boy group Arashi is not only an idol, but also a songwriter, rapper, actor, and even a newscaster!
Upcoming Winter JDramas 2018
Idols have become more characteristic and they've been pretty popular since.
Katakana is one of the three writing scripts Japanese use, and it's used for borrowed words. So, foreign names are often written in katakana, ...
... sets of rumors but this week Mao swung a small stick and make a big mark with her responses to a reporter's questions on dating and her acting career.
Who is your Most Handsome, Hottest and Talented Japanese Actor?
3. Michiyo Aratama
Aya Ueto
(To Takei) When I put on full set of costume and met Emi-chan for the first time… you laughed, didn't you? Like “Eh? It's like this?
Check out These 5 Must-Watch J-Dramas Featuring Handsome Arashi Members!
Nozomi Sasaki
Super Junior Siwon sexy eyes
A couple of months ago I did a write up on TW-actors and TW-actresses, which was relatively easy to do since there just aren't that many of them occupying ...
Put your hands up if you want more slummy Arashi acting nothing like the idols they are today! Wink at me twice if you remember what they're watching in ...
ARASHI 嵐 - Face Down [ REACTION ]
This guy – Sugi-chan (スギちゃん – a mix of katakana and hiragana) – has been around all over the place on Japanese TV recently, and I've decided that I ...
180103 ARATsubo – The most ○○ in ARASHI from prev 11 managers – Most touching performance + Ending
... 2014 23rd Annual TV Life Awards Best Actor Kazoku Game
Comic Con Paris 2018 : two actors from Harry Potter are gonna be there on Saturday
Ohno Satoshi
Teresa Gallagher Picture
Jun Matsumoto, also from the Japanese boy group Arashi, is often called “MatsuJun” by his fans.
6. Takeru Satoh
... 1982, is a Japanese idol, singer, songwriter, actor, newscaster, host and former radio host. He is a member of Japanese boy band Arashi.
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Arashi (J-Storm). From left to right: Sakurai, Matsumoto, Ohno, Ninomiya and Aiba. Image from www.fanpop.com
A big thanks to all the Arashi fans who took the time to answer our questions!
8. Takuya Kimura
American Horror Story : the three lead actors for season 8 have been announced
Arashi is a Japanese boys band formed under the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, which announced the formation of the group on September 15, ...
Top Japanese idol Arashi's Nino jokes about TVXQ's tall height
... of junior high school, worked as a model, and debuted as an actor in 2010 in the drama Atami no Sousakan. He played a mysterious high school student.