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13 month calendar natural 13Moon Calendar Notes Wisdom in
13 month calendar natural | 13-Moon Calendar Notes
... point and information space for people wanting to discover more about the Law of Natural Time, the 13:20 Tzolkin and the 28 day-13 Moon Calendar.
13-Moon Natural Time Calendar - Interactive Perpetual Dynamic - ELECTRIC MOON 3…
Here is the 1st Moon of The Planetary Wizard Year of The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime. (CLICK TO ENLARGE). May this artwork serve as a unifying vision of ...
Table of Tzolkin (sourced by lawoftime.org)
[13 Moon calendar]
Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity
Inside View of The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime - July 26, 2016 - July 25, 2017 Blue Spectral Storm Year Edition!
13 moon calendar of the
13 month calendar natural | 13-Moon Calendar Notes
For a link to a 2018 Bio-Dynamic Gardening by Moon-Phases Calendar: click-HERE.
Cover illustration: White Rhythmic Wizard; by Nicole E. Zonderhuis, The Netherlands See page 23 for explanation. Title: 13-MOON DIARY OF NATURAL ...
13 Moon Calendar - Simple Cycles Moon Calendar, Symbols And Meanings, 28 Days,
The purpose of this distilled version of the “original” 13-Moon, 28-day calendar introduced by José Argüelles in 1992, is to offer it as a simple and ...
More On The Mayan 13 Moons Calendar #43 - http://onlinecalendarweb.
Change the Calendar. Change your Mind. Change the World.
Tortuga 13:20 Library
Turtle of the Thirteen Moons
441 Holomind Perceiver Matrix Mayan Numbers, Moon Calendar, Sacred Geometry, Fractals, Cosmic
The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime
As always, this calendar features 13 visionary art pieces & a guide-book to easily synchronize with Galactic Time!
What We Know About The 12 Month Calendar Is All Wrong- Why We Should Be
The 13-Moon Calendar has been followed for over 5000 years.
13 moon mission: A calendar of peace for a culture of peace Moon Missions,
13 Moon Wavespell showing UR Harmonic Octaves Moon Calendar, Home Management Binder, Projects To
Posted on July 25, 2018 October 23, 2018 by quetzalcoatl113
(Owl)Today enables you to get insight and clarity on something from your past, perhaps from your ancestral line, that has been on your mind or that has ...
So what exactly is the day out of time from a time perspective when applied to the 13:28 frequency?
13-MOON SHORT GUIDE of Natural Time
Based on The Galactic Calendar, this is the 365th day of the year, but this day is no day of the month ...
Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles
13-Moon Natural Time Calendar - Interactive Perpetual Dynamic - MAGNETIC MOON 1 - Unify
YELLOW SPECTRAL WARRIOR - Kin 76 - on the 13-Moon Natural Time Dreamspell…
The 13-Mo•nth, 28-Day TRANSITIONAL calendar is presented as a Gift of Time to all human beings who feel ready to synchronize with Nature by exercising their ...
Wavespell-13-moon. Calendar ...
Android/iPhone: Journaling apps are typically about capturing moments or getting your thoughts down on paper as often as you can. Life Calendar takes a ...
Painting showing the Haab cycle which is 365 days, and approximates the solar year.
“Perfect harmony and perfect mirror symmetry – the Blue Castle of Burning is the fourth, in the center of seven, as the Blue Castle of Burning is the third, ...
The 13 Moon Calendar ( @the13mooncalendar )
The female menstruation cycle of 28 days is the mean between the synodic lunation cycle of 29.5 days and the other lunation cycles of less than 27.5 days.
“The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26, correlating with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. Each of the 13 moons has a ...
Natural, physical cycles of the sun, the moon, and the stars, have inspired calendars for centuries, with various ancient civilisations following a 13-month ...
13 Moon Calendar
The 13-Moon Factor is an expression of a larger holographic architecture: the Universal 12+1 Model also known as
13 Moon Mayan Dreamspell Journal - Red Cosmic Serpent: July 26 2018-July 25 2019: Amazon.co.uk: Vasumi Zjikaa, Danielle Caners, Cameron Gray: 9781945603389: ...
24 Questions about the 13 Moon Calendar Answered.
When we structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock and 12-month calendar, we expose our central nervous system, and subsequently, ...
It was in 1992, just 3 years after the discovery of the Law of Time at the “Museum of Time” in Geneva, Switzerland when the couple published “13 Moons in ...
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13 Moon Mission. image
José referred to this as the solar-galactic cycle, and referred to this interlocking system of codes as Dreamspell. He discovered a mathematical system ...
Inspired by the legacy of José + Lloydine, and concerned about the multiple damaging effects of the current calendar and its widespread and unquestioned use ...
Photo showing the Tzolkin calendar
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Let´s talk about 13 moon calendar?
Book of the Initiation: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV
Mayan Calendar System: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/27679635 | Zodiac | Astrological Sign
The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light: Ariel Spilsbury, Michael Bryner, Oceanna: 9781591431237: Amazon.com: Books
The Cosmic History Chronicles: The Ten Doors Opening To The Mysteries of Nature
ONE WAVE of Time every-13-days is-just-like the-musical-scale-OCTAVE.
May this post found you all in peace and in harmony.
Green man nature character on the forest
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2012 in the Cosmic Cycles of Time The Secret Calendar Codes Caterina Schiavone All rights reserved ...
THIRTEEN MOONS IN MOTION (1992). Original cover page.
The Galactic Calendar by SkyTime
7 Measuring ...
Yuki Kazase ( @kazase )
Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity: Year of the Red Cosmic Moon 2018-
The 3 circles on this banner represent the unification of Art, Science and Spirituality, surrounded by the one circle of Culture. The red represents our one ...
On this cosmic calendar system the rhythms of time speak in a language of energies. These energies guide and inspire the unfolding of our life's journey, ...
... Galactic Calendar · Galactic Calendar
The Calendar System. This image shows Maya animal constellations found in the Paris Codex.
So they developed a practice to increase their self-awareness during the most inward lunar phase. This 13 month ...
Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board > Students > Well-Being > Equity, Diversity and Inclusion > Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar
“The July 26 synchronization date of the new calendar, commemorated for a time in the Chilam Balam tradition, was revealed as the natural point to begin the ...
... a modern rite to the gods of the Synchronic Order of the 1328 realm, harmonizing the structure of the crystalline matrix spiralling us into ever greater ...
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Photo showing long count time cycles chart.
... 2018 Cosmic Calendar - North America ...
A-five-pointed-star-pattern is-exactly-the-same-kind-of-pattern-design detected-within-the-double-helix-spiral-blueprints of genetic-DNA, in-the-cells of ...
He found this to be a master matrix that other calendar systems can be plugged into. It is a tool that, when applied, connects us to the vast web of ...
13:20 : FREQUENCY : SHIFT | Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Red Queen
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13 Moon Mayan Dreamspell Journal - Red Cosmic Serpent: July 26 2018-July 25 2019: Amazon.co.uk: Vasumi Zjikaa, Danielle Caners, Cameron Gray: 9781945603389: ...
Read The Mayan Calendar Guidebook review in 1996 by:
Dreamspell 13:20 Galactic Head Quarters Australia. DREAMSPELL. MELBOURNE ~ AUSTRALIA. The Law of Natural Time and the Dreamspell Calendar